Ability Awareness

speakingJoe has the ability to touch every listener, challenge their innermost perceptions, and leave them inspired, with a renewed vision of what is possible in their lives. Joe provides a unique first-hand perspective on what it is like when your life changes in an instant, and you’re faced with questioning whether life is worth living anymore. Joe takes audiences on an exhilarating journey of highs, lows, while providing countless examples of defying the odds and exploring the incredible possibilities that exist when we push through the boundaries of perceived limitations.

Joe connects deeply with all audiences, from corporations to organizations, schools to the medical and rehabilitation community, and many others. His messages are universally relevant and applicable to anyone who desires to live life more fully and reach their greatest potential.

Joe’s presentations offer critical insights on the importance of goal setting, persistence, clarity of vision and determination, teamwork, being supported and being a supporter, and how to handle perceived failure and recognize the greater opportunity and potential success in it.

Joe’s energizing and passionate presentations will leave you looking at life from a new perspective, realizing that life can truly be limitless; it just may look different than we think.

Speaking Topics

Wings to Wheels
An inspirational talk about hope, recovery and discovery.

Risk vs. Reward
How to evaluate risk and determine the reward to make informed and educated decisions.

speaking2Perceived Limitations
Learn to push through boundaries that can hold us back from realizing the incredible world of opportunities and possibilities on the other side.

New Normal
What happens when life throws you a curve ball? No matter how big or small the event, it can often disrupt our lives in ways that seem insurmountable. Joe discusses the process of learning to define and create a “new normal” which can often be far better than we ever expected. This process can apply to all areas of our lives, from business challenges to personal relationships, from finances to physical and emotional setbacks. We all face obstacles in life- how well we respond and adapt to them will help us realize greater quality and productivity in our lives.Is Cialis good treatment option